Savour the flavour of harmony

Manuel is the perfect accord between product excellence and service. Between the traditional art of roasting and the modern technologies used to preserve the original aroma. Between an elegant international communication slant and direct customised support for our partners. All thanks to a concert of competences acquired in over half a century of work and dedication to Italian coffee.

Savour the flavour of an encounter

An encounter with a cup of Manuel espresso, its aroma and flavour pervading your coffee break with a special atmosphere of energy and relaxation. An encounter with an innovative expert company that supports its partners with qualified management, service and communication tools. An encounter with daily pleasure that for many has become a must.

Savour the flavour of energy

First-rate coffee and all the other excellent related Manuel products are an invitation to pause, savour and socialise, enjoying a moment of positive energy that relaxes and recharges. Quality, professionalism and passion for what we do: these are our trademark ingredients, making the difference and ensuring the success of Manuel.

Savour the flavour of expectation

Manuel products are always a new discovery, taste and experience. The aroma of beans roasted to a unique secret recipe, the flavour of food products that accompany and enhance the pleasure of a coffee. Something for everyone’s palate, original and always excellent. A different surprising experience each time.

Savour the flavour of experience

Manuel has a different fragrance. Of blends carefully balanced and roasted. Of efficient up-to-date professionalism. Of elegant intelligent communication. Of loyalty and constant support for partners. In the fragrance of a Manuel coffee there is all the experience, passion and tradition of an Italian family.

Savour the flavour of loyalty

Manuel is synonym of excellent coffee and special service, every day. Top quality products, technical support that ensures optimum processing and presentation, professional and managerial training, big-appeal advertising and merchandising, economic benefits and business support: the Manuel idea of loyalty is all this and much more.

Savour the flavour of the day

Fresh genuine products to enjoy every day, backed by the experience of Manuel, the coffee specialist that works constantly to deliver excellent blends, a range of exquisite food and drinks and qualified professional support for its partners. Manuel: the best way to start every single day.